Antique (pre-1900) Books


0601. Edmond Rostand. L'Aiglon: A play in Six Acts
0602. Commander V. Lovett Cameron. The Cruise of the Black Prince.
0603.Evelyn Whitaker.(Anonymous on Title Page) Lil.
0604. D. G. Rossetti. Poetical Works
0605. J.G.Holland.Seven Oaks
0606. Count Lyof N. Tolstoy. What to Do? .
0607 Henry Drummond.Stones Rolled Away and Other Addresses to Young Men Delivered in America
0608. J.A.Mitchell. Amos Judd
0609 Nathaniel Hawthorne. Septimius Felton; or The Elixir of Life. 
0610. Chambers, Robert W. The Maid-at-Arms, a Novel.
0611. George Du Maurier. Trilby.
0612. Josiah Allen's Wife (Marietta Holley).  Samantha at the World's Fair.
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