Under the Counter
(Banned Books)


1501. Marguerite Duras/Alain Resnais.Hiroshima Mon Amour. 
1502. Lily Pond & Richard Russo. Yellow Silk.
1503.The Illustrated Presidential Report of the Commission  on Obscenity and Pornography. 
1504. Sholem Ash.The God of Vengence. 

1505. James Sherwood, Stradella

1506. Ralph Ginzburg (ed.) Eros Magazine 
1507. Arthur Rimbaud.A Season in Hell 
1508. Theophile Gautier. Mademoiselle De Maupin.
1509. Kim Savage. Bent to Evil
1510. Frank Harris. My Life and Loves 
1511. Henry Miller.Tropic of Capricorn. 
1512. Henry Miller. Tropic of Capricorn.
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