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Time passes us by all too quickly it seems. One moment you're declaring that people over thirty can't be trusted, the next you're fifty and wondering where all the time went. And, all around you, the world changes. So you stir up the old ashes, mutter a Latin tag from High School, and remember things that used to be. For me, one such memory, lost in time and space, is Fourth Avenue in Manhattan, between Cooper Union and Fourteenth Street. Used books, and great conversation, tobacco in the air, mingling with that smell that can only come from old books. The Abbey, Pagaent, Dauber & Pine, Biblo and Tannen, one by one, they've all slipped away. And people no longer solve all the world's problems on rainy afternoons while walking the stacks. For a while, it looked like Brooklyn Heights would take up the slack. Sam Colton's Borough Books, on Montague, and down near the Bridge, Jack Biblo's "retirement" store, along with Charlie Brown and his "Book Gallerie". Sadly, they too have slipped into the mists that make up our yesterdays. It's a brand new day, and Sam Colton with his pipe, his opinions and his love of everything old is quaint, antiquated and out of place. Except, I hope, here. 

Below are the stacks. Feel free to browse, pick up a book and examine it. Ask the bookseller a question, or just make a comment. Smoke if you got 'em. Pick through, look for the treasure. And, coming or going, paw through the books for a buck in the rack outside. In this little corner of Cyberspace, it's yesterday, it's raining, and the world is filled with the smell of old books.


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