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(Banned Books)


1513. Henry Miller. The Rosy Crucifixion, Book One Sexus. 
1514. Walt Whitman. Leaves of Grass
1515.Voltaire. Candide.
1516. Terry Southern. Blue Movie. 

1517. Paolo Mantegazza. (trans. Samuel Putnam) THE SEXUAL RELATIONS OF MANKIND 

1518. Vilgot Sjoman.  I Am Curious (Yellow). 
1519. Anonymous. Suburban Souls. 
1520. Havelock Ellis. The Evolution of Sexual Modesty-Volume 1, Studies in the Psychology of Sex. 
1521. Havelock Ellis. Sexual Selection in Man. Volume 4, Studies in the Psychology of Sex.
1522. Colette. The Last of Cheri. 
1523. Kim Savage,. HELLION 
1524.George Revelli.Commander Amanda Nightingale.
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